5 Best Outdoor Cat Repellents in 2022 – Reviews + Top Picks

Cats roaming in your yard are likely to spray on your grass and tear up your gardens. This will typically harmful to your turf or flowers. Investing in a good cat repellent will help in keeping cats out of your yard, garden and lawn for good. Here is a collection of the best cat repellents for outdoors:

Best Outdoor Cat Repellents

There are various types of cat repellents and deterrents you can use to keep cats out of your garden or property. Animal deterrents range from sprays, granule powder, motion-activated sprinklers, ultrasonic devices and even prickling scram mats. In this collection, we have picked the safest products that will keep cats and other wild animals out of your property.

1. Orbit Yard Enforcer Motion-Activated Sprinkler – Best for Yard/Garden

Why we like it

  • Repels animals and pests out of yards and gardens naturally using water
  • Has options for day only, night only or 24 hours protection
  • Simple to install by simply pressing the spike into soil or turf
  • Has a wide coverage, in addition to having outlet for more sprinklers
  • Motion sensing technology help in conserving water and power
  • Has a 3 year warranty

Yard Enforcer is a highly effective and safe animals and pests repellent for protecting your yard and gardens from pesky animals. This device produces a powerful blast of spray, motion and noise that scare off animals keeping them to stay away from the enforced area. It is powered by 4-AA type batteries and uses only 2 cups of water per activation.

Orbit Yard Enforcer Motion-Activated Sprinkler has a heat and motion-activated sensor that detects movement from up to 40 ft away and automatically triggers the valve to spray a burst of water. The Yard Enforcer also include a flow-through outlet above the valve where you can attach more sprinklers for wider coverage which will still be controlled by the sensor.

With a heavy-duty metal dual-step spike, Orbit Yard Enforcer Motion-Activated Sprinkler can be positioned anywhere you need it in the garden. Also available in Garden Enforcer design with a tripod stand. Its 30minute timed watering setting allows you to water your yard.

Out Verdict

Unlike other pest and animal repellent methods, Yard Enforcer provides simplicity, effectiveness and control. Sprays wears off quickly and some may affect your family members and pets.

Orbit Yard Enforcer Motion-Activated Sprinkler is thus our top best repellent for Keeping cats out of your flower beds, deer away from vegetable gardens, birds from porches, and dogs away from lawns without the use of harmful methods.

2. CLEANRTH Advanced Ultrasonic Animal Repeller – Best Ultrasonic

Why we like it

  • Safe and eco-friendly animal repeller
  • Effectively scares away animals from a yard or garden
  • Automatically senses presence of animal through infra-red beam
  • Offers large area of both detection and repulsion
  • Easy to install and flexible to use anywhere you want
  • Water resistant device

This is an advanced ultrasonic animal repeller that keep animals out of your garden including cats, dogs, deer, rabbits, rats, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, ducks and many more. The repeller uses infrared sensors to detect animals up to 52ft away then automatically triggers a disgusting sound frequency that scares away animals.

The sound travels beyond the 52ft to a range of 70ft from the device covering 5000 square feet. This is a great area coverage not possible with many animal repellers on the market. While the sound frequency is horrible to animals, it is almost inaudible to humans.

CLEANRTH Advanced Ultrasonic Animal Repeller is a water resistant device that can be placed anywhere in the garden. It has a 38 foot plug-in code and can also be powered by 2 9V batteries. This freestanding device can also be hang from ceiling or wall.

Our Verdict

Ultrasonic animal repellent devices are eco-friendly and effective at scaring away animals. CLEANRTH Ultrasonic Repeller offers great animal detection and large area coverage thus a highly recommended product for your garden.

3. 3-in-1 Cat & Kitten Training Aid with Bitter – Best for Furniture

Why we like it

  • Trains cats to stay away from an area
  • Can be used indoor and outdoor
  • Deters cat scratching and chewing
  • Effective many hours after spraying
  • Safe for pets, plants and household items
  • Produces pleasant fragrance

This is a cat and kitten training aid spray that uses a scent and taste that is unpleasant to cats. With consistent spraying every 24 hours in affected areas, 3-in-1 Cat & Kitten Training Aid with Bitter will keep cats out of your property for good. You may stop using when the cats have completely stopped or changed their habit of scratching and chewing household items.

To prevent chewing, this product has been added some bitters that are still not harmful to your feline friend. The spray simply make any surface to taste awful. 3-in-1 Cat spray can be used on furniture, fabrics, wood, baseboards, plants, carpet, walls, rugs, carpet and many more surfaces without causing stains.

3-in-1 Cat & Kitten spray is a long lasting and safe formula made with sustainable animal cruelty-free ingredients. The spray is intended as a training aid and cat’s deterrent. It is important to note that, the spray may be too strong to humans although not harmful.

Our Verdict

Cats will notoriously scratch your lawn, fabrics and even walls. This is the best product to trains and deter cats from these areas. Many customers who used this product have expressed full satisfaction in keeping cats out of certain areas in a home. We highly recommend it for anyone facing these cat problems.

4. SSSCAT Motion Activated Pet Repellent Spay – Best for domestic pets

Why we like it

  • Protect Furniture both indoor and outdoor
  • Offers great flexibility through Motion-Activated Sensor
  • Odorless, harmless spray safe for pets  
  • Does not stain or leave residue on furniture
  • Replacement of can is available
  • Conserving power and the spray through motion sensing

Pet Safe SSSCAT Spray Deterrent is another great option for limiting your dogs and cats from certain areas in your home including kitchen countertops and trash can. While it best work indoors, this product can also be strategically placed to keep away felines roaming in your garden.

SSSCAT spray deterrent has a motion-activated sensor that detects pet movement within 3 feet and releases a burst of spray that startles your pet and discourages them from accessing the off-limits area. The spray is odorless, harmless and does not stain or leave residue on surfaces.

Each SSSCAT spray can contains approximately 80-100 bursts of spray. It is battery operated with 4-AAA batteries required. There are replacement cans for SSSCAT when you run out of spray. Use the product according to user manual.

Our Verdict

This is a great solution for banning your pets from furniture and some areas in your home. Although not highly effective for stray cats and wild animals, this product has shown effectiveness in deterring dogs and cats from areas you don’t want them to enter. We recommend it for domestic pet training.

5. One Sight Scat Mat with Spikes – Best Budget

Why we like it

  • Less expensive way of controlling animals in garden
  • Once bough no other expenses are incurred
  • The mat can be cut and used in various areas
  • Does not harm the cats or dogs

This mat offers a simple, safe and effective animal barrier that prevent cats, dogs and other animals from digging in your garden and destroying vegetables and flowers. One Sight Scat Mat can also be used indoors to protect your sofa or couch from cats. It can be freely cut and spliced as needed.

The scary plastic spikes mat offers excellent deterrent to intruding cats without causing harm or affecting other pets. The spikes create uncomfortable feeling when stepped on without causing physical injury to the animals.

The mat comes in a large roll which you can cut into smaller pieces to place at the edge of your patio, or around your garden. The mat is also flexible and you can easily wrap it around furniture or other objects. It is made from high quality non-toxic material that guarantees years of service.

Our Verdict

This is an inexpensive method of deterring cats from specific areas in your garden or indoors. It is eco-friendly and a safe method you should use to keep cats out of your yard.

What to look for in a Cat Repellent

Before you buy a cat deterrent, consider the following:

Where to use

Where you want to use your product is an important factor to look at. Find out if the product is designed for outdoor or indoor cat controlling. There are some products that work best only when used indoors and vice versa.

Animals in question

While you are targeting cats, other animals can be a reason for menace in your garden. If you are not sure, go for animal repellent product that targets several types of animals that are likely to be tearing apart your lawn and flower beds.

Animal safety

When keeping out animals from some areas in your home, you should do it in a humane manner without causing them any harm. Use a product that has pet-safe ingredients or animal friendly method


Always consider the size of the area where you want to limit animal access. Some methods or products works for small areas while others can offer large coverage.


Automated animal deterrents should be made of durable weather resistant materials. If you intend to use outdoor, the electronic device should be able to withstand rain, sun and dusty conditions.

Purpose of restriction

Cats or pets can be restricted from an area for various reasons including, their safety, training, or to protect the property from animal-related damages. Some products are formulated for cat training while others are for purely deterrent.

Product cost

Price for various deterrent products vary based on their technology. Sophisticated methods such as automates sprinklers are expensive as compared sprays or cat mats.

Type of repellent

Cat repellents come in various forms including sprays, powdered granules, motion-activated sprinkler, ultrasonic high pitched sound devices and physical barriers. Sprays and powdered granules are applied manually on the target areas while the ultrasonic sound and motion-activated devices are installed once and they operate without being controlled manually. Although effective, their cost is also high.

Sprays – Contain pet-safe ingredients that deter pet or cats through odor or smell. They are formulated with scents that cats dislike or fear and packaged in a can. Cat repellent sprays can be used both indoor and outdoor but their effectiveness is likely to take short period of time thus needing frequent application for continuous protection.

Powdered granules – This type of animal repellent is applied directly on the soil and will emit scent or taste that cats and other animals dislike. They are usually weather resistant and can last many days. Powdered or granulated animal deterrents are best for outdoor use.

Motion-activated sprinklers – These are advanced animal repellents that automatically release a blast of water to scare away animals from the yard. They are automatically activated when an animal approaches. Motion activated sprinkler deterrents are naturally safe for plants and animals thus best for gardens.

Ultrasonic sound repellents – an ecofriendly and safe way to keep animals out of an area through a high pitched sound inaudible to humans. The devices are usually automatically activated when they detect an animal through an infra-red sensor. Ultrasonic sound deterrents are best for both indoor and outdoor.

Physical Barriers – There are also physical barriers such as chicken wire fences and cats mats that feel uncomfortable when stepped on by felines. They are less expensive and their installation is one time if you don’t mind their physical appearance.


Stray cats and other animals can wreak havoc in your garden or on your lawn. It is therefore justified to limit their access from such areas. Always use safe ways for keeping animals out of your garden without causing harm.

Before you use any deterrent product or method, read, understand and follow installation or use instructions. A product may fail simply because you have not followed user manual instructions. This should also help in preventing any injury to the animals or family members.

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